With more than 1 in a 100 people falling within the autistic spectrum, it's likely that you will encounter them every day and possibly not even know!

Companies and organisations that have employees who interact with the public, and are customer facing often encounter such individuals which can cause many problems. A lack of understanding of Autism can lead to a variety of problems from inappropriate responses to poor awareness and provision.

We provide autism training for organisations to suit their individual needs. The requirements of for a company that offers childcare would differ greatly to that of a security company and even a supermarket!

How to identify, engage with and handle appropriately are the objectives of the training coupled with how to train personnel to train other members of staff.

Autism training is so much more; it’s not just about helping people understand Autism; it’s about changing attitudes. We know that massive improvements are possible in people’s lives and we promote this throughout our training.

We deliver our training nationwide. These programmes can be delivered in day or half day courses, over evenings, weekends, Bank Holidays and of course during normal working hours – with the aim of providing the utmost flexibility for the client.

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June 2014 - Please checkout our recent training workshops @ Sainsbury's

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